May 7, 2019


The only thing about New Age Capitalism  that is a fixed location in time and space is an office building. The reality of New Age Capitalism is.. it is not a physical place or location fixed in time and space. Therefore, a New Age Corporation’s location is wherever a Shareholder/Owner lives. At its core, New Age Capitalism is not a program or movement. New Age Capitalism is a developmental philosophy of action and activity that is based on Otis C. Harrison's " many paying a little " and George Sistrunk's "many doing a little" to make it happen, via, legal corporate structures, in which, owners vote for what they want to do and what they want to accomplish as a corporate body.

Even though, Otis C. Harrison's concept of  "many paying a little", is widely used, it is rarely used to fund a corporate enterprise. In 2015, "many paying a little" became New Age Capitalism and "many doing a little" became New Age Corporation. When properly understood, New Age Capitalism is the only means by which poverty can be eradicated or significantly reduced in the Black  community. Because New Age Capitalism and its mandated New Age Corporations are based on laws that create and govern corporate enterprises, entire communities can now sit at the economic table and participate in the wealth creation process.

When it comes to equity or ownership interest, most startup corpora- tions have high prices to keep people out . New Age Corporations have low prices to allow people in. New Age Corporations are Republics, not Democracies. The majority voters rule, but the minority has rights that must be heard and investigated before any corporate action is taken. African Americans need New Age Capitalism simply because not every Black person is going to be an entertainer, actor/actress, football, baseball or basketball player.

Not every Black person is going to be a singer, doctor, lawyer, college professor, government employee, congressman, teacher or preacher and millions of Black people are not going to be hired by Hispanics, Chinese, Indians,  Native Americans, Japanese, Vietnamese, Koreans, Iranians, Russians,  Jews, Iraquians, Greeks, Irish or by another major ethnic group . And White Americans can no longer afford to keep their own people out of work and careers to make room for us.

This is why New Age Capitalism, when properly understood is the only means by which African America's social issues can be solved, economic issues solved, political issues solved and other issues in the Black community addressed effectively . Without resources and a means to acquire fungible assets on a massive scale, it is virtually impossible for Black children to have any hope of a real future with meaning and value. If you think the other ethnic groups that are amassing power, wealth and influence in America are going to keep millions of Black people on welfare for years and years...THINK AGAIN.. The handwriting is already on the wall.


Even though New Age Capitalism is independent of race, creed and/or national origin, religious beliefs, education, relationships, affiliations or any other self-limiting factor, its primary function is to economically empower African Amerian people to own and control for the first time in their history in the United States of America. When it comes to real economic empowerment or asset acquisition, there are only seven (7) questions a New Age capitalist will need to ask himself/herself .

  1. Does a genuine opportunity exists for profit or gain?
  2. What are the upside gains? ( profit making potential)
  3. What are the downside risks? (the potential for loss)
  4. Is it morally sound?
  5. Is it ethically sound?
  6. What are the tangible and/or intangible benefits for myself?
  7. What are the tangible and/or intangible benefits for others?
Anyone can ask himself/herself the same seven questions. Now that you have a working knowledge of New Age Capitalism, we can now proceed to a definition of New Age Capitalism the historical record can and will support in years to come . Even though discussing the historical basis for New Age Capitalism is beyond the scope of this website, it is thoroughly discussed in the soon to be published book , New Age Thinking, New Age Capitalism & New Age Corporations -- The Real Economic Salvation For African Americans.

New Age Capitalism is an asset acquisition philosophy and strategy based on the concept of "many paying a little" and "many doing a little" to capitalize, or provide money for a corporate entity that members of the community collectively own, manage and operate. This concept came into existence because of the failure of government policies, as it relates to all people of color living in America. When it comes to gen- uine economic empowerment, community development and growth, there is too much apathy. Especially, among the Black community's so called educated elites, that Pastor David Manning at the ATLAH World Missionary Church calls, "Pinched nose Negroes."

In addition, there is rampant; as well as, deeply entrenched ignorance as to the limitations and the devastating impact of all government wel- fare programs on Black people . A new concept was needed because of the absence of the psychological and intellectual importance of com- munity directed economic development and empowerment. The mind- sets that currently exist; on a massive scale, within the Black commu- nity and in many of the Black community's institutional structures are self-defeating, self-limiting, debilitating, counterproductive, regressive, oppressive, too dictatorial and in many cases, offensive to the psyche of Africans and African Americans.  No African language is taught at any so called Historical Black College and many so called African nations do not even have their own language as a mandatory national language.


The Black community cannot correct its own dismal situation because it is totally dependent on the White business community and govern- ment for practically everything . Prior to the development of New Age Capitalism and its by-product, New Age Thinking, African America's so called efforts at economic development were failure prone because of a narrow focus on using tax exempt nonprofits for government grants. 

Invariably what happens in these programs is more indoctrination, rather than, education. Black children rarely learn anything about the science of economics, the practical application of science as it relates to creating and developing technology for profit or gain or the science of social organization that enforces codes of conduct and standards of behavior at every societal level for mutually beneficial purposes; be it financial or otherwise.

Many educated Black people do not understand Western economics. Western economics is multi-faceted and intensely integrated with a layered infrastructure that is very rigid and sophisticated . This unwritten infrastructure is not taught in any school; therefore, Black MBAs never learn anything about it. Any attempt to build on a Western model without its infrastructure is doomed to fail. New Age Capitalism; and its mandated New Age Corporations, create their own infrastructure that is based on the real income and the real needs of the Black community. New Age capitalization is not based on or uses any Western model.

Corporations exist in law. Therefore, Black people must view them in law, understand them in law and use law to own, manage and operate one; collectively as an organized group. The bottom line is simply this: A corporation is a legal person or entity.. whether Black people know it or not or believe it or not..and there is no regulation, law or rule that is preventing Black people from creating or participating in community based, funded, owned and controlled corporate enterprises.

Those that understand the power of corporations, have organized them- selves in order to collectively earn millions... billions... and trillions of dollars. This income and its influence is then used to protect them, their families and assets; as well as, direct legislation at all levels of government that benefits and protects corporate owners – the share-holders. When the corporation is big enough and control billions or trillions in assets or have billions in cash on hand like African America's upcoming New Age Corporations, they are considered – “TOO BIG TO FAIL”.  There is no such reality as a church that is too big to fail.


New Age capitalists; like those that will be funding and owning New Age Corporations, did not create Black America’s economic nightmare of total dependency on the White community for education, jobs or careers, credibility and/or self worth, opportunities, community repairs welfare and/or child care. New Age Capitalism has simply discovered effective methods and means that will reverse this trend and replace it with self education, realization, actualization and self determination.

We know this is hard for  David Carroll's (of Youtube fame) and Malcom X's so called Negroes to accept. No people are more adept at accepting lies, believing in lies and wanting to hear more lies, than the American so called Negro. We are a colony inside of a sovereign state , whose sole purpose for being here....is  exploitation New Age Thinking , New Age Capitalism and New Age Corporations that can operate around the world are the only structures that can possibly change this reality.

For the first time in the history of Black America , Black people can be participants, innovators and beneficiaries of technological advances, rather than be the only ethnic group that is always marginalized, victi- mized and/or demoralized by advanced technological innovation. You cannot call people racists because they developed new technologies that eliminated the need for your labor or because; Black people as an ethnic group, have consistently failed to develop competitive techno-logies themselves.  New Age Corporations, New Age Thinking and New Age Capitalism can change all this as well.


Largely due to Black women and a few good Black men, even through the most tortuous times under the brutal oppression of America’s slave system, the humiliating state of affairs under Jim Crow laws , rules and regulations, Black people never lost sight of who and what they are and what they are capable of becoming. Black people never lost their dignity as a people. If Black Americans lose their dignity as a people, because of a misguided allegiance to and an ill conceived belief in the " White Liberal Paradigm of Black Victimology " they must look in the mirror at themselves. Whenever you hear an African American tell you he/she is not into a Black thing, you are hearing, talking to and seeing a Sambo/Samborina or a Quimbo/Quimborina .

Re-read Uncle Tom's Cabin and prove to yourself. The real Black males that were buck dancing and cooning for privileges is not the man Uncle Tom; who was honest, intelligent and faithful to the end of his life. The real culprits in Uncle Tom's Cabin are the plantation loving Negroes Sambo and Quimbo . Therefore, it is not correct to call buck dancing, cooning and doing the masters bidding to the point of betraying your own people - Uncle Toms, these people; males and females, are in reality  Sambos/Samborinas or Quimbos/Quimborinas . 


For too long, the glib and the slick, the crafty and the cunning, the char- latan and the politician have led Black people into a surrealistic world of self denial. Instead of facing themselves and correcting themselves, millions of Black Americans hid themselves in a WORDRACISM -- and they have been hiding in the WORD, under the WORD and behind the WORD, until the advent of New Age Capitalism, New Age Thinking and New Age Corporations.

Many have become diseased, sick, demoralized, desensitized and/or institutionalized by eternalizing the WORD - RACISM. Racism does exist and will continue to exist until the Black community overcomes the affliction of racism by empowering itself economically, politcally and socially and begin the process of discovering effective ways, means, methodologies or systems and/or counter strategies to do something about it. White America really has no idea what to do with their former slaves and Black Americans have no idea what to do with themselves.  We can't be deported to any country on this planet, and White America has NO MORE COTTON FIELDS OR TERRITORIES TO SEND US TO .

Therefore, all that Black Americans have left, are places they can leave and a place they can enter. The places Black Americans can leave are the bottom of the economic spectrum and the statistical nightmare that comes from being at the bottom. The place Black Americans can enter is the future with its unlimited possibilities. To live effectively in the future, the entire Black community must eliminate obsolete mind- sets and mentalities and engage in New Age Thinking; that by default, removes any self imposed limitations.

The future demands and requires Black America to get rid of any " Slave Mentality ", " Clone Assimilate Mentality ", " Plantation Mentality ", " Wel- fare Mentality ", " Thug Mentality ", " Gangsta Mentality " and the " I Am A Victim Mentality ". There is no place in the future for intellecual dead weight and/or self-defeating and/or self destructive mindsets, precepts, concepts or ideologies that do not benefit the entire Black community, especially...our children.


New Age Capitalism, its mandated New Age Corporations and its by-product, New Age Thinking effectively ends the failure of the Black community’s traditional youth programs. These programs have been failure prone for decades. The reason: Traditional youth programs have consistently failed to address the real issues of unemployment and lack of productivity among teenagers. This aspect of New Age Thinking is also beyond the scope of this website. However, it is also throughly covered in the soon to be published book ; New Age Thinking, New Age Capitalism & New Age Corporations  -- The Real Economic Salvation For African Americans.


First and foremost: Black Capitalism fails because it is based on the Western model. The Western model has a huge asset base and infra-structure to support top down financing. Black America does not have the resources, assets or an infrastructure for top down capitalization. This is why the notion of Black Capitalism’s top down financing on a massive scale is just that a notion . In addition, based on the accepted definition of capitalism, Black Capitalism does not and cannot effec-tively access the means of production that would be necessary to generate billions in revenue for millions of people.

Second: Black Capitalism fails as an empowerment model because it can only enrich the few. There has always been a few Black people doing well, while millions can barely pay their bills. Based on the need for continuous subsidies, Black Capitalism is basically a sophisticated welfare program for Black owned business enterprises . 

Third: Black Capitalism also fails because it is incapable of addressing the real issue in the Black community, which is the absence of a mer- chant class that is constantly developing business enterprises that are creating innovative products and/or services that are capable of hiring large numbers of people to advertise, market, distribute and/or sell to consumers. There are few Black owned businesses that are capable of hiring thousands of people and many shiver in their shoes at the mere thought or idea of owning, operating and acquiring the knowledge and skill to manage a multi-billion dollar international enterprise.

Fourth: No infrastructure currently exists to support Black Capitalism, nor can this model create one. Therefore, Black Capitalism is a myth, a pipe dream or a fantasy...and there is no real political incentive to subsidize failing Black owned enterprises . Discussing the benefits of capitalism; as oppposed to its detriments is beyond the scope of this website. However, this topic is thoroughly discussed in the soon to be published book , New Age Thinking, New Age Capitalism & New Age Corporations --- The Real Economic Salvation For African Americans.


First: New Age Capitalism’s grass roots or bottom up capitalization model  is based on verifiable African American economic reality that  is no myth or a pipe dream. What little financial resources that exist in the African American community can best be utilized by combining them for asset acquisition by Black owned New Age Corporations that are funded, operated, managed, owned and controlled by the Black community that create their own infrastructure and substructures, This
is the "many doing a little" that was alluded to earlier in this module.

Second: With  self creating infrastructures, New Age Corporations will have the financial capacity to acquire assets in any competitive market environment from which, the Black community, as a collective entity, can realize financial benefits. New Age Capitalism does not need or rely any government subsidy or grant program and the only political and/or legislative support it needs is a level playing field that applies to any and all corporate entities. This frees the Black community from " Goose Stepping " with political platforms and philosophies that have been devastating the Black community for years; as well as, crippling, obstructing and/or inhibiting the legitimate aspirations of millions of Black people. There have always been plates on the table for the few.., no tables were ever established or contemplated for the many.

Third: New Age Capitalism makes it possible, with its mandated New Age Corporations, for millions of Black women to participate in the real ownership and control of a percentage of the means of produc- tion. New Age Capitalism’s concept of collective corporate ownership that is jointly held by a community is real and not a fantasy. New Age Capitalism is based on bottom up financing and ownership where there are many, rather than, top down financing... where there are few.

Fourth: Every major ethnic group in America has a nation that can provide additional political leverage and support. The Chinese have China, the Japanese have Japan, the Koreans have South and/or North Korea, the Irish have Ireland, the Jews have Israel and the list goes on. Even native Americans can rely on political leverage and support from their respective nations. There is no nation Black women can rely on  for additional leverage and/or political support. New Age Capitalism creates genuine hope and opportunity where none currently exist. Black  people in America and Africans don't have any friends . As Dr. John Henrik Clarke stated ,  "If you want a friend... look in the mirror."

Fifth: New Age Capitalism, New Age Corporations and its by-product New Age Thinking are future leaning and not past dreaming. Fully 90% of America's Black population is rooted in the past to some extent or degree. While the rest of the advancing races are developing strategies
to insure their long term survival, Black America's past dreaming will only insure our long term economic and political burial. As so aptly stated on Diary of a Negress at http://diaryofanegress.com in a post; entitled; "21 Harsh Truths Black People Don't Want to Hear" at #s  20 and 21; "If whites had the chance, tomorrow morning slavery would be back with a vengeance.... and they would make sure it remains in existence for all eternity. Accept it. We have no friends/allies on this planet."  

Unfortunately for many Black people and all others, slavery has been back since 1865, in a  different  format and under a different name, but the same thing . It was officially abolished, but it never went away. We must free ourselves from slavery's manifestations and hallucinations. You see, your enslavement in the modern world  is no longer physical. It is financial, intellectual and psychological.


The current group of establishment Black politicians has no compre- hensive plan or strategy to reverse the dismal financial state of the Black community. Perhaps this is the reason why they are quick to abandon the Black community for their own bottom line and political careers. For years, every elected Black politician has begged for more welfare programs ; rather than economically empowering programs . As a direct result of this political mindset, the welfare check has become more important than self respect. A welfare check has become more important than self realization, self education, self actualization and self determination. This is the essence, reality, aftermath and actuality of the Democtatic Party's so called " Plantation Politics ".

The facts are clear and undeniable and irreftutable: The failure of African American males to organize themselves and create businesses and employment opportunities - like Whites , Koreans , Japanese , Chinese , Indians , Hispanics and other ethnic groups leaves Black communities, particularly within urban centers, without legitimate income/economic opportunities. This lack of income/economic opportunities for Black males naturally leads to idle Black males which, as one would expect, leads to criminal or violent behavior and/or violent and/or deadly confrontations.  When it comes to the Black Middle Class , no other race flees their own racial/ethnic group like Black people. B lacks who flee to the White community are actually depriving the community of economic activity. 
To date, not a single elected Black politician has demonstrated that he or she; individually or collecively, has a comprehensive economic plan or vision. In fact, in the 50 years since Civil Rights , no one else has put forth a comprehensive economic vision either. ACDNAC is the only African American organization with a plan and a vision that can answer both the what if question and the what next question that is not limited by a Black church or a government grant program.


If real change is going to happen, then, Black women must utilize the principles of New Age Capitalism, its mandated New Age Corporations and the laws governing corporate enterprises. Obsolete linear thinking must be replaced with multi-dimensional New Age Thinking that is all encompassing and firmly rooted in deductive and inductive reasoning, the sciences, understanding and applying technology, practicality, use- ful and sound economic principles and effective resource management and utilization.

When this is done, then New Age Corporations can and will allow Black women to take control of their political and economic destiny, insure their continued development as a people, insure their mutual protec- tion under American and international law, give purpose and direction to their collective efforts and give the Black community the incentive and financial means to resurrect and rebuild their neighborhoods, com- munities, institutions in America and anywhere else on the planet.



The benefits of supporting and joining ACDNAC in our efforts to move our people into the 21st Century without the baggage of Jim Crowism and ridding ourselves of  past indoctrinations, hallucinations and limita- tions are many. Only a few benefits will be listed below.

The first benefit should be obvious. It has already happened. By being at this website and being exposed to multi-dimensional thinking and its inherent possibilites, you now know genuine economic empower- ment is not a myth, pipe dream or fantasy. In addition, the mind, once  stretched by a new idea, can never return to its orginal dimenisons.

2.  ACDNAC is the only Black American nonprofit organization in the world that advocates genuine economic empowerment for Black women; living as a collective group anywhere in the world, by funding, owning, operating, managing and controlling corporate enterprises and not encouraging the creation of debt ridden or undercapitalized one man businesses, mom and pop, partnerships or family stores. A class "C"  corporation can own and operate all of these...as LLCs.

3.  ACDNAC is the only Black American nonprofit organization in the world that is actively encouraging self education, self realization, self actualization and self determination for economic development and empowerment purposes. To participate in the corporate world requires a commitment to lifelong learning, a commitment to excellence, a commitment to self discipline, personal growth and development and accepting a code of conduct that is governed by state laws.

4.  ACDNAC is the only, Black American nonprofit organization in the world that has copyrighted acquisition programs that any Black owned and operated community based and controlled New Age Corporation can use to expand beyond being a small business.

5.  ACDNAC is the only Black American non profit organization in the world that is advocating owning and operating debt free corporations that benefit the many and not the few or one or two and that includes benefiting you. Every kaleidoscopic aspect, division and subdivision of Black America's beliefs, mentalities and ideologies that currently exsist from Hebrew Israelites, 5 Percenters, Egyptian, Christian and Muslim centered, reparations, broken treaties, socialist, communist, Democrat, Republican, Green Party, Libertarian and anything else Black Americans have chosen to believe in, can fit into a corporate structure governed by state laws.

6.  ACDNAC is the only Black American nonprofit organization in the world that advocates New Age Thinking , New Age Corporations and New Age Capitalism for the genuine economic empowerment of any Black community regardless of where it is located in the world. Corporations can be formed in any country in the Western world.

7.  ACDNAC is the only Black American nonprofit organization that is encouraging Black women to reject the obsolete mentality of past gen- erations and raise their intellectuality to the highest possible level in order to be competitive on a worldwide scale.


There is a limit to what we can present, say and do on this introductory website. Educating the Black women in particular and the larger Black society to the financial and economic power of a corporate enterprise is a monumental task that might take years due to the astronomically high levels of ignorance that exist relative to these matters. However..

If you are tired of being indoctrinated rather than educated by the hun- dreds of nonprofit programs that exist in the Black community that send you back to the same unemployment line and leave you in the same position and condition...hoping and praying...someone gives you a job, then you are psychologically and intellectually ready to partici- pate in a corporate process that will create jobs and careers.

ACDNAC's sole purpose for being is the Economic Empowerment of Black women in America and around the world in legal structures that can be passed on to future generations. To fulfill this mission, in the near future ACDNAC will establish the ACDNAC Foundation and the ACDNAC Institute.

As Black people, we must empower ourselves in legal structures in order to use what little financial resources we do have to build an economic foundation for our children. As a people, we must care about the future of all Black children. If you are ready to stop blaming others, being a victim and willing to act to create a real future for Black children, then...


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