Economic Empowerment


It is important to realize how wasteful and/or dysfunctional Black male afflictions are; especially, when it comes to the pragmatic use of available resources to acquire assets . This collective financial waste along with a persistent failure to apply the laws and principles of social organization, is a major reason why the vast majority of Black males fail consistently to empower themselves economically or to acquire capital assets at meaningful levels.

As Yvette Carnell so aptly stated (of Breaking Brown fame , in a Youtube video with a subtitle; Black People Obsess Over Black Culture Out of a Desperate Need for Validation) , "We lack a certain material wealth. We don't own things. We don't own resources. We don't own capital. So the only thing we have well..look at my fried chicken. We are trying to grab hold to something because we don't have anything...Can we focus on something that truly, truly matters in terms of material wealth, in terms of Black poverty.?"

In 2018, Black Americans; as an ethnic group, own no major banks, industries, distribution facilities, factories or plants, no research and development facilities, companies or corporations, no competitive financial institutions, no competitive technology companies or corpo-rations and no major companies involved in discovering new natural resources or raw material/s for industrial development or for main- taining a technologically oriented and advanced modern, post indus-trial, and/or industrial civilization. These are facts, not suppositions.

David Carroll's and Malcom X's indictment of Black males for their dependency on White men for their livelihood is typical of his “Slave Mentality”. It seemingly never occurs to the majority of Black males to engage in behaviors that are conducive to personal growth and economic development; such as studying or researching avionics or biotechnology, zero energy and/or aerospace and/or robotic technolo- gy, metallurgy, aerodynamics, mechanical and/or civil engineering  or any other technological or scientific pursuit from which he can benefit himself, others and acquire capital assets on a massive scale.

By accepting and embracing New Age Thinking, New Age Capitalism and its mandated New Age Corporations ; that Black America will own as a collective, we can now end the crippling affliction and addiction of blaming White people for all our ills and failures as an ethnic and racial group. In 50 years, no one has come up with anything else. What else can your mind conceive of that can empower millions of people simultaneously and do it in 5 years of less? 

David Carroll's and Malcolm Little’s aka Malcolm X’s so called Negro is locked into a mindset, that is difficult, if not impossible, to extricate him from without New Age Thinking. In order to experience genuine and legal economic empowerment, Black males must overcome their self defeating, unproductive, debilitating and self destructive attitudes, concepts, precepts, mores and folkways that are keeping them at the bottom of the world's economic, social and political spectrum. New Age Capitalism and its mandated New Age Corporations will deal a decisive and deadly blow to the economic ignorance and uncertainty that is rampant in Black communities and has plagued  Black males  since 1865.


S lavery was officially abolished on December 6, 1865 . Over the past 150 years, Black males have victimized themselves by being willing participants in their own prostitutionalization, institutionalization and psychological enslavement. This is another major reason why Black women must do the leading and the saving. Even though the Black male failure syndrome can be changed, it will take time. At this point in time, Black women are far more adept at adjusting their psychological orientation for economic empowerment and realization, than Black males.

When Black males were freed from physical slavery, they emerged with little or no knowledge of fundamental economics .150 years later, the overwhelming majority of Black males living now, still have no knowledge of fundamental economics. Since 1965, there is absolutely no evidence that White men or men from any other ethnic group stopped Black males from studying, reading or organizing, funding, owning and using corporate structures to empower themselves. 

The tragedy of the failure of Black males to organize themelves to develop or form effective strategies to overtly or covertly empower themselves for economic purposes is beyond the scope of this site. However, this subject matter is thoroghly discussed in the soon to be published book ; New Age Thinking, New Age Capitalism & New Age Corporations --- The Real Economic Salvation For African Americans.

In fact, from 1900-1932, some of the greatest minds in Black history were alive at the same time; i.e., A. Philip Randolph , W.E.B. Du Bois , Marcus and Amy Garvey , Garrett Morgan , Ida B . Wells , Annie Malone, Madam C. J. Walker , and many more that never made the history books. From 1910-1932, there was no Securities Act . The opportunity to grow, develop and expand was never greater and Black support was never greater. Garvey had millions of followers worldwide and the NAACP had many members and supporters that failed to consider state approved corporations as economic empowerment tools.

Based on reliable sources that Black America spent 507 billion in 2014 with virtually nothing spent to capitalize corporate enterprises, if properly managed, 100 or more New Age Corporations can be fully funded and operational in a single year after startup by using New Age Capitalistic concepts. The problem in the Black community is not a lack of money. It is massive mismanagement of available resources, inept leadership, misguided political alliances, unproductive and detrimental philosophical belief systems and a persistent lack of vision.

The vast majority of Black males refuse to think outside of their psychological box of government programs and their dependency on the world’s advanced ethnic populations to take care them. This is the mindset of David Carroll's and Malcolm X's  “so called Negro” and not the mindset of Intelligent Black Society. The need for psychological crutches to camouflage the collective failure of Black males to have an ernest desire to do better is deeply entrenched and widespread within this group. Therefore, the Black male failure syndrome can be changed if many are re-educated, deprogrammed and assimilated back into Intelligent Black Society. Until this happens, Black women will have to take the leadership role, with a few good men.

As Earl G. Graves, Sr., (of Black Enterprise Magazine fame) lamented in an online articl e, “Somewhere along the way, we stopped fighting. Somewhere between “We Shall Overcome” and “Yes, We Can,” we became satisfied, complacent. Somehow we forgot that, in the words of Frederick Douglass, power indeed concedes nothing without a demand. Doors to opportunity rarely spring open of their own accord." 

"As a result, African Americans are becoming marginalized in nearly every area of economic participation and advancement, as affirmative action has given way to a brand of diversity that means virtually anyone but black people. ---- All of which raise the questions: Where are the agitators? Where are those willing to step into harm’s way, to use their talents, abilities, and influence to make a difference on behalf of the advancement of all African Americans, not just a highly visible and celebrated few? Where are the fighters, the champions?"
In response to Mr. Graves questions, the fighters and the champions are at ACDNAC and Unity International Company, Inc., the world's first and only New Age Corporation that is in its developmental phase at this point in time. Based on the evidence and the facts that anyone can find online or in library books, if African Americans, Africans in general ; including all the nations that are former European colonies on the African continent, are ever going to realize social, economic and political empowerment in this decade, women of African heritage will have to do it because there are no successful Black nations .

As a group; Black males have failed to develop major businesses that can employ hundreds or thousands of people. They have failed to develop resources to maintain an economy. Black males; as a group, have failed to organize themselves in order to pool resources for long term economic development. As a result of these failures, the future for Black children is being decimated. As a group, Black males own and control little or no capital assets after 50 years of “Affirmative Action”.
These colossal and intra-race systemic failures by Black males to organize, effectively neutralized  the notion of "Black Power" and the " Black Power Movement ", during the 1960s and 70s, and stymies Black self-determination today.

If Black America is going to be saved, Black women will have to do it . Unlike Black males that fail to understand the power of collective enterprise because of their fixation with radical individualism, this is not a problem with Black women. Unlike Black males that limit them- selves by always thinking in terms of millions of dollars that they do not have, Black women can effectively, proficiently, efficiently and collectively use the hundreds of dollars they do have. This is the essence of New Age Capitalism and the funding mechanism for New Age Corporations. Read, "How empowering women can end poverty in Africa .

Whatever excuses Black males like to make for themselves is not supported by the evidence or the facts . Who empowered the Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Indian, Persian, European or English males? The Answer! No one. They empowered themselves. As soon as Black women, worldwide, understand and accept these facts, it is just a matter of time before Black people are empowered economically, socially and politically...worldwide... for REAL...

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For The Many, Not Just The Few Or One Or Two

African Americans need New Age Corporations for genuine economic empowerment . Real Economic Empowerment can only come from the ownership and control or participation in the wealth creation process. The more Black people that are participating in the process, the more money circulates in the community and the more stable, productive and vibrant Black neighborhoods and communities become . How to organize to establish New Age Corporations; pre-incorporation and the incorporation process; are beyond the scope of this website. However, these topics are throughly discussed and more, in the soon to be published book , New Age Thinking, New Age Capitalism & New Age Corporations--The Real Economic Salvation For African Americans.


A corporation is a legal entity or person that is established pursuant to; by or under, the authority of state law that exists to carry on any lawful business activity for the benefit of its shareholders . With this definition in mind, a New Age Corporation is a legally established entity or person that engages in lawful business activities in order to benefit its owners; i.e., the shareholders; i.e., the people living in the Black community that have an ownership interest. Whenever you say the words Black economic empowerment or African American econo- mic empowerment, you are identifying and referring to a large group of people and not to an individual, one or two, or a few individuals within the group.

Therefore, New Age Corporations are the means by which Black women can empower themselves economically and legally worldwide. The Association for the Creation and Development of New Age Corporations (ACDNAC), realizes in order to have genuine economic empowerment, the African American community; as a collective body that includes the majority of Black people, must own, operate and control corporate enterprises . In a corporate body, the owners/ shareholders control with their votes. Genuine economic empower- ment is a collective reality. It has never been..., nor will it ever be... designed for a few or one or two. An entertainer’s or athlete’s big house and income benefits him or a few, it does not benefit the vast majority. New Age Corporations benefit the many; not just a token few.


Empowerment can be defined as the legal power or official authority that enables a person or group to act. The key words in the definition are legal and authority. A corporation is a legal entity that has the legal authority to act. ACDNAC also realizes, no one is going to come to the Black American community to give Black people power and authority to own and control the means to real wealth . This is the average Black man’s pipe dream and fantasy and is indicative of his " Slave Mentality ". Even though there is little or no evidence that the majority of Black males understand this reality, the evidence is clear the vast majority of Black men and women in Intelligent Black Society realize and know Black people must empower themselves economically in order to acquire capital assets on a worldwide scale. 

A New Age Corporation gives the Black community; as a collective body; and especially to Black women, the authority to empower themselves economically via a state authorized legal entity. It is madness for the vast majority of Black males to expect others to give them jobs, careers and self respect, while they sit around and refuse to create jobs, hope, opportunity and/or careers for themselves and their children; especially when the legal authority exists to do so. Black males must end their collective mismanagement and waste of what little financial resources they do have; if not for their own sake, then, at least end the waste for their children’s sake. 

By saving as little as 10% of their earned income and pooling or com- bining it with others in a legal corporate structure, in which large num- bers of people have a voice and a vote, Black American women; with a few good men, can begin changing their future, their children's and the Black community's future forever. This is genuine economic empowerment that is not a fantasy. Corporate laws are real. When you consider the fact that $500.00 or $800.00 will not buy any significant asset in the world, it becomes a no brainer, to pool or combine your financial resources with others in a corporation that can. Any intelli- gent and thinking person understands this or should understand it . 


The symbolic wealth that Black males have been wrapped up in for years; i.e., the cars, clothes and status trappings that they use to impress each other are simply a by-product of the entire economic process and not the process itself . Actual wealth and affluence can only exist in the modern world because of the creation, manufac-turing, distribution, sales and marketing and/or investing in the production of goods and/or services and from the use of assets that have fungibility. This is the source of all the income, salaries, taxes, jobs, careers and/or professions. Very few, if any, high paying jobs and/or careers would exist without this process.

In 2014, according to numerous reliable sources, 507 Billion dollars flowed into and out of Black America . The overwhelming majority of this money comes from White America. Even though this figure impresses many, it is not a true reflection of the facts. When you start deducting the cost of government  programs, state run prison systems to house Black inmates, schools to educate Black children, the income that’s denied to White workers, productivity that is lost in order to have sufficient numbers of Black employees to maintain a peaceful and stable society, medical care, institutional care, the cost of welfare, daycare and the hidden cost of a myriad of additional programs that must be funded to maintain Black America, White America is actually running a deficit and not experiencing any real profits or benefits; other than fewer riots, looting and burning. 

In addition, America’s government has already spent trillions on the war on poverty  that included educating, increasing opportunities and improving the lives of Black males and the vast majority of Black males are in a financial condition that is worse than it was in 1965. Whatever has happen to Black males since the advent of Civil Rights , has been economically and socially devastating for many. The vast majority are very articulate (good at talking), but demonstrate little or no real initiative when it comes to taking action that will empower millions economically. The following is a list of the infrastructure related accomplishments of African American males as outlined by: "The Injustice File". (Note: Major building projects can be anywhere.)

1. Number of major cities built by African American males: -0-
2. Number of major construction projects; dams, bridges, etc.,
    completed by African American males: -0-
3. Number of major industries built by African American males: -0-
4. Tax bases created by African American males capable of sustaining
    government services at any level: -0-
5. Number of African Americans employed by ‘Whites’ either in a
    household, a corporation or business or by government and
    supporting a family:  -Millions-
It is important for Black people of all ages to realize and accept the facts. We are responsible for creating opportunities for ourselves and no one else . All the scenarios that plagued the Black community in the past have been largely eviscerated. Black people must end leaving institutions of higher education with diploma in hand and going forth to beg the Hispanics, Chinese, Japanese, Koreans, Europeans, Whites or any other ethnic or racial group for a job and/or career or an income opportunity. The vast majority of Black males seem to have little or no deisre to save themselves or their children from this self debasing practice of going to other races for jobs...and when a job is not given, they resort to the tried and true practice of hollering.....RACISM.

Based on the historical record, the vast majority of Black males are not going to do anything to create an economic foundation for Black children. Hence, it is up to Black women and a few good Black men. Nothing was done to Economically Empower Black people until ACDNAC and UICI. Being a sole proprietor, network marketer, getting a job or a welfare or government check is not Economic Empowerment. These provide a living and cannot be passed on to future generations. Like it or not, the vast majority of Black people are totally dependent on other races and/or ethnic groups  for income, education, opportunity, service and support systems and even self esteem.

This is why Black women must do the saving. All Black women need  are a few good men. The more the better. However; based on the current embarassing state of Black manhood, mindsets and a 150 year old historical record, a few is all that will be found. The rest must be re-educated and assimilated back into Intelligent Black Society. Young Black American teens being thugs is antique and obsolete, learning how to develop technologies and innovate will allow the entire Black community to compete.

The self-destructive mindsets that have plagued us for centuries and have stymied our scientific, economic and social development are not beneficial to the long term aspirations of millions of people. Toxic and negative attitudes must be thoroughly purged and eliminated from the thinking processes of every African American...and indeed, from every person of African descent that is living anywhere on the planet.

Isn’t it about time we change our thinking and strategies, so that, as an ethnic group, we can  Economically Empower Black women and a few good men so that our children and future generations will not be locked into a permanent underclass with little or no hope of escaping their plight? There is no mandate for immigrants that are amassing power in America to give our children jobs or careers. These new Americans owe us nothing and hollering racism is not going to work on them. The challenges that are before us will require education, organization, cooperation and dedication to achieving real Economic Empowerment in our lifetime.