Understanding the importance of economic empowerment for the Black community is a recent development within America’s so called Black leadership . Since the myth of integration is officially over; Amy and  Marcus Garvey ,  Booker Taliaferro Washington ,   Elijah Muhammad and Malcolm X , look like geniuses when compared to W.E. B. Dubois , Jesse Jackson , Julian Bond and Al Sharpton . For years these men were pre-occupied with their political and social agendas. From 2008 to now, Black folk did not get what they thought they were going to get from the Obama Administration. As a result, Black Americans finally realize political power and affluence are the by-products of economic power and economic stability and not vice versa .

Black America finally realizes political empowerment is a by-product of economic empowerment and not vice versa . Black America’s pre-occupation with social or political acceptance and not economic performance stems from the collective ignorance that exists in Black America when it comes to understanding a commercially based and dynamic reality like capitalism. For years, the majority of Black people rejected capitalism for its failure prone counterpart socialism.

A huge number of Americans from all walks of life fail to realize or consider the facts.The creators and producers of goods and services can always move their factories or plants to  other countries; thus, leaving the advocates of socialism with a diminished tax base, thousands of unemployed, an inflated monetary system, costly social programs and heavy taxation that  will slowly; but surely, wipeout  any Middle Class . Once a Middle Class is destroyed , it leaves only two classes, the rich and the poor...and the rich will either be in government, control the government or from behind the scenes; control most, if not all of your so called elected representatives.

ACDNAC realizes there was virtually no separate and legal economic empowerment component to civil rights. The entire Civil Rights Move- ment was geared toward integration of public facilities, schools, work environments, White neighborhoods and a host of other all White enclaves.  David Carroll's (of Youtube fame) and Malcom X 's so called Negro completely deceived himself/herself that he/she was accepted in the White Middle Class. Naturally, this belief was and still is a myth. Having money does not put you in anyone’s Middle Class . This is a classic example of Dr. Umar Johnson's delusion of inclusion. Having money only allows you to live, buy products, utilize services and be taxed as though you are in the White Middle Class or the Middle or Upper Social Class of any other ethnic group or race.

Once Civil Rights was accomplished, the economic condition of Black America was suppose to change for the better.  Well it did for some; as long as, America was fighting a war somewhere, i.e., blowing up a country and then going in and rebuilding it. When the wars are over and the economy slows......,the old paradigm returns last hired, first fired. Black people have a difficult time understanding and accepting a universal reality, Whites, Chinese, Japanese and every other ethnic group on this planet have a duty, obligation and responsibility to lookout for their own  first. And, if anything is left over, then, and only then, can they provide for or help someone else.


 When the economy slows, America returns to business as usual. A few high profile Black or Brown faces will be seen on television, in the movies, in government or in the usual places that Black America has grown accustomed to seeing them over the years. The rule of thumb is simply this: The more Black and Brown faces you see in highly visible positions or in high places, the worse it is getting for the rest of Black America. Electing a Black President – Barack Obama – only meant one thing, Black America's collective position and condition are worse than before and will not be getting better anytime soon; unless; of course, Black women realize what has happened to them since 1965. Black women are a real FORCE on this planet.

Since 1965, the ghettoes and slums have been maintained by the Democratic Party and not by the Green Party, the Libertarian Party or the Republican Party . This is a verifiable fact, not a supposition. By keeping millions of Black women on welfare and in social programs, instead of encouraging income development and economic programs, the Democrats have effectively neutralized one of the greatest intel-lectual and creative power and FORCE on the planet, Black women,  Every Democratic Black politician, either through ignorance or greed, is a willing participant in subjugating and neutralizing Black women. This also includes many so called Black pastors that are pimping Black women from pulpits or leading them to Democrats to be neutralized. 

Therefore, Black women need to really re-think their allegiances and dependencies and realize who they really are, the power they really have and what they are capable of accomplishing. This is evidenced by the ingenuity and creativity Black women had to rely on everyday of their lives just to survive. Black women had to ensure the survival of an entire race through hundreds of years of enslavement and colonization, while Black males were powerless to stop it. No one on this planet has been victimized more by failed Black leadership and weak-minded Black males, than Black women who must raise and educate our children.


Black college professors, politicians, church leaders and many others have finally begun to realize the money that is flowing into and out of America’s states, counties, cities and towns is there because of the success of America’s Free Enterprise Economic System and not because of America’s political system. The Black community’s near sighted leadership also failed to realize jobs do not appear by magic, or by wishing and hoping or by aliens dropping factories and plants from spaceships. Jobs just don’t exist, they are created.

Since Black males do not create very many jobs, the average Black American does not realize the number of jobs that do exist rest solely  on  the  success of the busines and corporate establishment and not on America's political establishment. Therefore, the Black community has been victimized by its own misguided alliances. Instead of voting for lower business taxes to facilitate job creation, most Black Americans continuously vote for program creation that destroys his/her chance or opportunity to get whatever jobs that are left over after other ethnic groups have taken care of their own....first . Black women and men in Intelligent Black Society, realize their children come first. Far too many Black males have abandoned their children to America's demoralizing welfare system.

Unemployment and underemployment have been nagging problems in the Black community since physical slavery was over in 1865 . How- ever, intellectual slavery and psychological slavery still exist and this form of self enslavement to obsolete belief systems, self-limiting intellectual positions, and other debilitating dependencies are beyond the scope of this website. However, this subject matter is thoroughly discussed in the soon to be published book , New Age Thinking, New Age Capitalism & New Age Corporations --- The Real Economic Salvation For African Americans.


Black underemployment and unemployment can best be adressed by owning and operating New Age Corporations and not by a mom and pop store. A few Black people that manage to have a few more dollars have always been here. Without New Age Thinking, Black Americans are rapidly becoming an obsolete people with an obsolete mentality, that is far more detrimental to the Black community than the ‘so called Negro’s’ “Slave Mentality ” ever was. 

Therefore, a new and more vibrant mentality is needed that is firmly rooted in applying the principles of New Age Capitalism on a massive scale. New Age Capitalism, its mandated New Age Corporations and its by-product, New Age Thinking make it possible for more Black Americans to lead successful lives without sacrificing personal values or integrity. Ending the psychological need to "sell out" or prostitute one's self... "For a Few Dollars More" ......  is also a first in the history of Black America.

With New Age Thinking , Black Americans will produce far more than they consume and earn more money than they will need. Therefore, instead of witlessly, foolishly and ignorantly burning dollars, they will be investing dollars in new technologies, research and development and expanding their corporate interest to include the entire planet. As a direct result of this transformation from subjective reality to objective reality, Black men, women and teenagers that are equipped with New Age Thinking will become benefactors to the system, rather than recipients in the system.

New Age Thinking  has the power to drive technology or technological innovation and societal development in practical and beneficial ways by creating viable career and job opportunities for thousands of Black Americans; be it in environmental protection, conservation of raw materials, recycling waste, neutralizing all toxic nuclear waste, space exploration, cleaning up the world’s fresh water, desert reclamation, pollution control or elimination, zero energy technology research and development, nanotechnology, biotechnology, health and/or nutrition, scientific research, product and/or service development, cold fusion, gravity induced propulsion or terra forming, wildlife preservation or improved methods of building cars, roads, homes, planes or trains.

New Age Thinking is the absolute rejection of the obsolete mindset of the Jim Crow and Civil Rights generations that is infected with intel-lectual dishonesty, intellectual hypocrisy, dishonest communication and petrifying psychological fear that ignored the facts and the evidence, and replacing it with genuine value and value systems that are based on objective reality, deductive and inductive reasoning, scientific analysis and verifiable information. This is the essence of New Age or 21st Century thinking .

ACDNAC realizes the Black community’s own mindsets and thinking are the greatest obstacles to overcome not racism, inequality or any other self-limiting factor. What the Black community needs; and indeed, the entire world for millions of young people from all ethnic groups to focus on the needs of the future. Make no mistake about this fact, Our parents and grandparents from every major country and from all the races are responsible for the world’s pitiful state. Insanity is defined as doing the same thing over and over and  expecting different results. The same is true for mindsets .

The previous generations have created more problems than they will ever solve. Therefore, being dragged into obsolete thinking patterns or behavior is not beneficial for the planet or anyone else. We must all strive to overcome the ignorance of previous generations. Instead of millions of Black young men and women specializing in Thugology, Black Youths need to be learning how to develop new technology.  The entire world needs new and improved methods for sustaining societies without destroying the planet and its natural habitats in the process. An entirely different approach to international diplomacy is needed that promotes beneficial cooperation and the intelligent use of planetary resources. WAR AND MILLIONS LIVING IN POVERTY HAVE ALSO BEEN OBSOLETE FOR CENTURIES.


With New Age thinking , there can be peace and prosperity, rather than, war and austerity. Just think of all the human and natural resources that are wasted in unproductive warfare. New Age Thinking is needed that is based on multi-dimensional reality concepts that have the capability to change the course of an entire planet and its inhabitants. Based on these realities, the more the Black community comes to the realization that Gangstaism, Thugism and Corrupt Spiritualism are detrimental to the aspirations of an entire race, the sooner the Black community will rid itself of these destructive mindsets and replace them with mindsets that are more constructive and productive; as it relates to economic development and empowerment.

Instead of studying Negrocity and Negro-ology, Black youths can start now by studying corporatocracy, and economicology .  Every New Age Corporation wil need responsible leadership and creative thinking to succeed as a corporate body. New Age Thinking promotes creative ingenuity, rather than the docile acceptance of a circumstance of race or birth. This effectively neutralizes the negative, destructive, self defeating and genocidal Black ‘Gangsta Mentality’ by transforming it from a dysfunctionality to a developmental intellectuality. THUGS & GANGS AND THUGOLOGY ARE OBSOLETE MINDSETS IN THIS CENTURY AND WILL DEFINITELY BE AN ANATHEMA IN THE NEXT.

New Age Thinking rids the Black community of its defeatist, self-limit- ing  and mind numbing pre-occupation with being accepted by the White race. It is difficult to accept another race as equal when they are totally dependent on you for their very existence, self image and self perception; either negative or positive. Since White America controls Black America's self image, it is always portrayed as negative unless it supports White supremacy. Few Black leaders have shown or demonstrated an ability to manage societies, resources or nation states or develop growing economies since African nations gained their independence over 50 years ago . In fact, corruption is rampant. This is largely due to their " Colonialized Mentality " of me and only me.

New Age Thinking will also neutralize the most devastating develop- ment in Black America that emerged during and after slavery was of- ficially abolished in 1865..and that is...the development of a preacher class and not a merchant class. Black America has more preachers per hundred than any other people in the Western world. I n the Black community, there are hundreds; if not thousands of churches and not hundreds of businesses.  Many Preachers are more adept at receiving money, not creating ways to earn it.  EXTRAVAGANCE IN THE NAME OF THE LORD, WHILE MANY ARE HOMELESS OR IN DESPERATE NEED, IS NOT ONLY OPPROBIOUS AND OBSOLETE, IT IS ALSO REPREHENSIBLE AND INDEFENSIBLE.

Having thousands of churches has not generated any Black economy and never will . When your focus is on the hereafter, the here and now suffers dramatically. When your focus is on tax exempt and nonprofit for the church's or pastor's gain and not on for profit for maximum gain, the community and its people will suffer the consequences. To be sure, there was a time when the Black church was beneficial to the Black community, now it is detrimental. Billions have been sunk into churches, while entire communities have become drug infested and crime ridden hovels for the working poor . New Age Thinking will change this paradigm as well. Having bigger and more lavish houses and churches has not contributed to the Black community's bottom line. The vast majority of church congregations are still poor, while millions more must live with economic insecurity every single day. (living from  paycheck to paycheck with little or no savings or assets or with little or no accessible or readily available financial resources.)


Rather than engage in the intellectual dishonesty of past generations, as New Age Thinkers, today's Black men and women will strive to honestly integrate their thoughts, words and actions. Thus, they will effectively integrate their actions with the objective reality they see. As a result of this mindset transformation, New Age Black men and women will change forever what it means to be Blac k . Instead of denigrating themselves with ‘Gangsta Rap’ that pollutes the mind and limits scientific ingenuity and curiosity, they will uplift themselves with music that is written to heighten intellectual consciousness and awareness so higher levels of interactive capability and ability can be realized. This will allow New Age Thinkers to live more productively in both the here and now...and in the hereafter. Under the Christian doctrine, you can have paradise on earth and in heaven. Many White Christians are enjoying this reality now from the assets they own, while the overwhelming majority of Black Christians own few or none.

The obsolete thinking of the Civil Rights and Jim Crow generations must be discarded completely and replaced with New Age Thinking that is far more dynamic, beneficial and empirical. New Age Thinking will change Black America's views about their lives in America and on this planet forever.  At ACDNAC, we realize It is time for Black women to adopt a new path and an entirely different approach to everything.

No past generation belief system that is rooted in slavery; in all of its unique forms that includes material dependency, Hotepology or any other ancient African belief system can guide the Black community's collective reality in a world of high technology, advanced robotics and super science. The discussion of the socioeconomic impact of Macro-Economic Interaction and High Tech Industrial Capacity are beyond the scope of this website. However, this topic is thoroughly discussed in the soon to be published book , New Age Thinking, New Age Capitalism & New Age Corporations --- The Real Economic Salvation For African Americans.


The facts are clear, such thinking did not deliver or save the believers that had it. Egypt was defeated, millions of Africans were enslaved, and/or colonized, Black America is still at the bottom and Africa is still being plundered.  You would hope a rational, reasonable, intelligent   and thinking race would have altered mindsets or learned something after 245 plus years of being hung, murdered, enslaved, colonized and/or exploited by others.


T here is mounting evidence that more members of America's Black population are becoming experts at victimizing, denigrating, exploiting and annihilating themselves. These are simply additional reasons why New Age Thinking is needed and why Black America and Africa are not going anywhere without it. The disconnect from observable socioeconomic reality and Intelligent Black Society by the vast majority of Black males and females is thoroughly discussed by Jason Black (of TBA and Black Channel fame), Professor Black Truth , Dr. Boyce Watkins , Shakaama , Merkabah , Dr. Claud Anderson (of Powernomics fame) Alpohzo Rachel (of Zonation Fame) , Dick Gregory , Dr. John Henrik Clark , Dr. Yosef Ben-Jochannan , Pastor Ray Hagins , Dr. Umar Johnson , Yvette Carnell , Amos N. Wilson , Antonio Moore , Thomas Sowell , Clarence Mason Weaver , Larry Elder , Minister Louis Farrakhan , Dinesh D'Souza , Diamond & Silk , Stanley Scott and many, many mor e.

The real truth is this: Few...if any of David Carroll's and Malcolm X's , ’so called Negroes’ will admit what Intelligent Black Society has known for years. The vast majority of Negro males are comfortable being on a plantation. These same plantation loving males will be the greatest obstacle to New Age Thinking , Corporations and New Age Capitalism.  How much do these ‘ so called Negroes ’ enjoy being on a plantation? Return to the 1830s and Liberia. Move up again to 1850-1860 during the perils of the Underground Railroad. Continue into the 1900s to Marcus M. Garvey’s "Back to Africa Movement" and then to the present. Obama described what he and his fellow Democrats do to poor Blacks as "plantation politics". As Harriet Tubman so aptly stated; “I would have freed more if they knew they were slaves.”

We must never forget a comment by Booker T. Washington ,   “There is another class of coloured people who make a business of keeping the troubles, the wrongs, and the hardships of the Negro race before the public. Having learned that they are able to make a living out of their troubles, they have grown into the settled habit of advertising their wrongs — partly because they want sympathy and partly because it pays. Some of these people do not want the Negro to lose his grievances, because they do not want to lose their jobs.”
The aforementioned are just a few of the many reasons why Black women must change sitting in an unemployment office looking for a job to sitting behind a desk in a corporate office creating jobs. Black women must abandon social programs for economic development programs and say goodbye to welfare checks and write their own checks as leaders and administrators of New Age Corporations. As already stated, Black women are a real FORCE. The future is yours for the taking and the making.


Therefore, ACDNAC encourages Black women to use your collective power, ingenuity and creativity; along with that of a few good men, to change the future direction of your lives, the lives of your children, the Black community, this country and this planet.  The FORCE is with you and the FORCE is already in you. Naturally, the next step for Black women is to join ACDNAC or team with ACDNAC in coalition groups to use your power and the FORCE to proficiently..,  efficiently... effectively and collectively fund, own and manage New Age Corporations.

Black women have never enjoyed being on a plantation. They have always wanted the same advantages for their families, just like other women in other ethnic groups. For over 245 plus years they have had to endure being at the bottom of America's and the world's social and economic spectrum with little or no help, viable options, alternatives or choice ....UNTIL NOW!!

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Without New Age Thinking , Capitalism and New Age Corporations, the verifiable reality is this: The current Black Middle Class will soon die out and not be replaced . Political power without economic power is analogous to having a car without an engine. No matter how good the car looks on the inside and outside, the undeniable fact of failing to put in an engine, simply means the car is not going anywhere.

Prison swags on men is an obsolete reality concept that will not build a factory or manage a New Age Corporation . How can we; as a people, demand acceptance as equals in highly advanced and sophisticated technology based societies when we cannot even manufacture toilet paper, underwear, a zipper or a button?  This is the madness of the  ‘so called Negro’ who wants to be given recognition and respect with- out earning recognition and respect. Otherwise, you will live under and be subjected to the tyranny, brutality, depravity and oppression of those that master technology; especially, weapons technology.


New Age Capitalism is an economic engine that has no equal in Black America's history. Not even the UNIA; Marcus Garvey's Universal Negro Improvement Association , can be compared to it. In fact, no so called economic empoverment movement can be compared with New Age Capitalism, its New Age Corporations and New Age Thinking . To change your world, you must first change your thinking.  As Harry Houdini so aptly stated; "Using my mind sets me free." Veronica McRae adroitly states, “You can’t put big ideas into small minded people", and she is right. 

The human mind is an incredibly powerful, useful and effective tool. It is so unfortunate, that only a few have discovered its power and learned how to use it. Finally, Dorothy Harley astutely states, “God cannot do anymore for you, because he has already given you the right to choose. Jesus Christ is not going to personally show up on your doorstep to lead you to economic empowerment.” If this were true, he would have done it before our enslavement and definitely after our enslavement.

K. Nicole an ageless, astute, beautiful, intelligent, talented, inspirational, gifted and dynamic Black woman categorically states; "Life is an illusion. It's not what you see, it's what you know. You have to be more knowledgeable of who you are. You have to acquire the knowledge."

In addition, Black women have already demonstrated a unique and an innate capacity, agility and capability to engage in and adopt the principles of New Age Thinking This is evidenced by their willingness to explore new ideas in fashion, artistic expression, hairstyles and lifestyles. Thinking rationally, intelligently, reasonably and scientifically as it relates to economic empowerment is a lifestyle and mindset. Like any other belief system; from which actions and attitudes ensue, it can be learned, co-opted or voluntarily and knowingly adopted. Black women are also ready for New Age Capitalism and they are ready to take a major leadership role and manage New Age Corporations.